The advent of digital currency has brought forth a shift in the way individuals think about money and financial instruments they have made use of their entire lives. For the first time, individuals from developed countries are shedding ties to what has become known as the traditional banking system in favor of a financial system owned by its participants.

Such a shift has far-reaching implications that will not be completely covered in this website, save for one: individuals are now empowered to iterate on existing financial systems and release improved versions as part of a democratised financial system. This includes blockchain economy functions like mining, trading, and lending.

Execution of these financial system operations offer opportunities for operator profit but, for many reasons, this is a challenging proposition for the average digital currency buyer. Further, volatility of digital currencies prevent risk-averse parties from entering the digital currency financial system.

The Singapore-based Digital Crypto Fund is comprised of three digital currency experts, each with their own respective specialization, detailed below.

The group joined together for two reasons:

  1. A group executing a diversified set of functions has an increased chance of success, limiting downside while maintaining upside potential.
  2. Crowdfunding enables access for all digital currency buyers, which upholds the spirit of democratisation and restricts small groups from once again seizing control of important financial system operations. We’re providing every cryptocurrency holder an opportunity to purchase a diversified portfolio of blockchain-based investments.


Dividend Crypto Fund maintains a simple objective: to generate profit and distribute profits in a dividend-like manner. On the first Monday of each month, Dividend Crypto Fund will distribute half of fund net proceeds (defined as gross operating gain, in ETH) through an airdrop to every wallet holding a DCRF token.

Airdrops will be made in proportion to the size of the wallet DCRF token holding as well as total time of ownership. The airdrop process will continue in perpetuity without limit or restriction of any kind.

The purpose of this website is to offer operational detail, share projections, warn of risks, and share information about how to purchase a Digital Crypto Fund token.


  • The Dividend Crypto Fund communicates via this website and our Twitter account, @DividendCrypto.
  • All resources contributed or received are used to fund the revenue-generating methodologies and strategies outlined herein. The fund will never pay for marketing or advertising. We rely on providing a quality experience and spreading through word of mouth.


The Dividend Crypto Fund is comprised of experienced digital currency traders, each of whom brings their own specialization. In order to execute a trade, the group must agree by simple majority. Trades are executed by one of the two team leaders who hold Dividend Crypto Fund keys. The Dividend Crypto Fund may enter long or short positions, for minutes or weeks, in top-ten assets or in small-cap alt-coins.

There is only one guiding principle: the group will capitalize on market volatility with an eye on capital preservation, through the use of stop-losses and other such risk mitigation tools.

The fund will partake in the following: digital currency mining, participation in Initial Coin Offering events, ICO group buying, alternative coin speculation, swing trades of top-ten crypto coins, capturing major coin forks, lending on ETHLend, and acquiring nation-backed cryptocurrencies. Additional details are available on the Strategies page.

Privacy, Conditions & Risk

The DCRF sale process offers inherent privacy to its token buyers, as it simply requires the receipt of ETH at the DCRF master wallet address. DCRF expects and requires token buyers to comply with all local regulations and laws surrounding the purchase of a digital token that may pay dividends. Token buyers who are uncertain of what such regulations and laws may be in their respective jurisdiction should consult legal counsel before purchasing DCRF token. Based on recent events and conversations with legal counsel, we believe this means residents of the United States of America or China should not purchase DCRF token.

Purchase of DCRF does not guarantee performance or financial benefit. Purchasers should expect returns to fluctuate within a wide range. DCRF returns are subject to the following risks which could affect performance:

  1. Digital currency market risk, which is the chance that digital currencies may decline in value.
  2. Manager risk, which is the chance that poor investment selections may cause DCRF to under-perform against expectations, relevant benchmarks, or other managed trading solutions.
  3. Regulatory risk, which is the chance that governments may introduce regulation restricting or impacting the flow of capital through digital currency markets.
  4. Asset concentration risk, which is the chance that, because DCRF invests a high percentage of assets in large digital currencies, performance may be hurt disproportionally by poor performance of a select few assets.