Token Details

The Dividend Crypto Fund generated 10,000 DCRF token in February 2018 and made them available for sale. The purpose of the DCRF token is to signal a stake in the fund, as all wallets holding DCRF token automatically receive a monthly dividend on the first Monday of each month. Monthly dividends are equal to half of net proceeds generated the month prior, distributed proportionally.


  • Only 10,000 DCRF token exist and no more may be issued at any time. DCRF token are divisible.
  • Sending one ETH to the address below will return one DCRF token.
  • There are no limitations on how many DCRF an individual may own, and an individual may purchase as little as 0.1 DCRF token.
  • Beyond its initial price, DCRF token has no standalone value. The group will not seek listing on any digital currency exchanges and will not foster a secondary market of any kind.
  • The sole purpose of DCRF token is to receive a monthly ETH airdrop. Airdrops are set to occur on the first Tuesday of each month.
  • Once all 10,000 DCRF are allocated, transfers of ownership may only occur between private parties.
  • The Dividend Crypto Fund will issue a trade report. The team will, within twenty-four hours of each executed trade, tweet trade details from its only official social media handle, @DividendCrypto.

Purchase DCRF

Send your investment amount, in ETH, to:


Within 48 hours, a member of our team will return a corresponding amount of DCRF token to the origin address (at an exchange rate of 1 ETH to 1 DCRF). The token contract address is 0xAA39E9E8e3b45f163434F7eAd8DdD846877619df, if you’re interested in having the token visible in your MetaMask or MyEtherWallet. Do not, under any circumstances, send ETH to the contract address.